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Use calendly

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How often did you witness this kind of exchange of messages?

— when can we arrange a call? I’m available tomorrow in the second part of the day, and then friday between 10am and 1pm
— oh no, that doesn’t work for me, can we make it friday 2pm?
— yeah, I can rearrange the calendar to meet with you then
— sorry, another meeting just popped up on friday. What is your availability next week?

Or better yet, if there is a middleman involved. Or more than one. For example, if you’re recruiting and using an outsourcing agency. There’s a HR rep from your company, and another one from the agency between you and the candidate.

It’s virtually impossible to fit a meeting into two busy calendars this way.

So how about a different approach:

Here’s my updated availability for the next two weeks. Any of the shown dates are great for me. Pick one and we’re set — a confirmation email will be sent to both of our emails, and the spot will be booked in my calendar automatically.

If you haven’t started already, please use calendly.

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