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We’re a good team for experienced developers

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We are looking for an excellent full-stack software engineer to join our young and dynamic team… Record scratch. Wait. We’re not young. I didn’t ask others for their age, but most of us are in our thirties. If I’d have to use one word to describe it would rather be experienced.

Our work culture isn’t suited best for young and dynamic people specifically, so why lie to our candidates about that? On the contrary, people with families and children will find we are a great team for them.

  • We more often talk about raising kids, building houses or planning anniversaries rather than last friday’s drunken party or the release of the latest version of Serious Sam (not that we skip the latter completely 😄)
  • We have elastic working hours. You can make errands during the day as long as you don’t disrupt others’ work. Nothing is stopping you from picking your kid from daycare at 3 pm
  • We value your private time. You set your work-life balance. Nobody cares if you’d rather spend most of the week with your loved ones as long as you are responsive and deliver your part on time
  • Nobody expects you to use your own time to improve, you can do this during working hours, leaving your evenings to other hobbies, leisure time, family — you name it

I get it that priorities shift later in life, and chasing the bunny gets boring over time. I’d like to hire you for your experience and wisdom, rather for the hours you can put in. Would you like to join my team?

P.S, I wrote a followup about another group that may be overlooked during the recruitment process.

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My name is Maciej Łebkowski. I’m a full stack software engineer, a writer, a leader, and I play board games in my spare time. I’m currently in charge of the technical side of a new project called Docplanner Phone.

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